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We Take Pictures Of Everything

  A recipe, our dog, and every possible angle of our child’s sporting event. These thousands of images consume precious memory space on our electronic devices. It becomes overwhelming to find the picture – find the memory – among all the unnecessary ones. Our photos accumulate across several devices and remain there; on a phone, in the cloud, on a memory card or on the hard drive of a computer. When we look back several years we find a lifetime of printed photos we also consider priceless. Along with our photos we have stacks of memorabilia and children’s artwork. All of it sitting in place and usually no clear plan of what to do with it. Why? The amount of time and effort it takes to organize is overwhelming. 

These memories and photos are part of our family's story. As time goes by, the printed pictures fade, electronic devices get damaged or lost, and computers get corrupted. The stories and traditions you will want to remember are being lost. 


"My biggest fear is losing all my photos in a house fire! Plus I want my kids to have access to all our family photos as they grow up and have their own families! I am using "That Photo Book Girl" to scan all my photos & SD cards, upload them to Shutterfly and also put them on two separate hard drives - one for home the other in a safe deposit box. She is quick and efficient and as sweet as can be! Just wanted to share her business because I love it that much! 🤗" Carol Renz

"That Photo Book Girl did this amazing photo book for me capturing the beauty, the stories, and the heart of the Haiti mission trip I went on last year...something I am certain I would not hve taken time to do for myself. Contact her if you'd like her to do a project for you. You'll love it" Deb Voss

That Photo Book Girl can help you with solutions

· Digitize printed photos and documents 

· Create keepsake photo books 

· Develop on-line access to your photos 

· Back-up and organize photos for safe keeping  

Preserve your family photo memories

That Photo Book Girl is here to help make sure you and your family are able to enjoy your memories today and leave an organized legacy for future generations.