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 When we look back several years we find a lifetime of printed photos we consider priceless. All of those photos sitting in boxes or bins and usually no clear plan of what to do with them. Why? The amount of time and effort it takes to organize is overwhelming. We assume we will get to it someday. And even if we find some precious time, generally we don’t know where we should begin.

These memories and photos are part of our family's story.

As time goes by, our printed pictures fade, electronic devices get damaged or lost, and computers get corrupted. The stories and traditions you will want to remember are being lost.

That Photo Book Girl is here to help make sure you and your family is able to enjoy your memories today and leave an organized legacy for future generations. Preserve your family photo memories. 

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That Photo Book Girl can help you with solutions… 

  • Digitize printed photos and documents
  • Create keepsake photo books
  • Develop on-line access to your photos
  • Back-up and organize photos for safe keeping

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About Me


    Hi! I’m Shari O’Rourke and my company is That Photo Book Girl located in Iowa’s Creative Corridor. My company began as friends would see my family’s photo books and request that I do a photo book for them for a vacation, their children's sports season or capture a year-in-review photo book for their family. 

Over the years this has morphed into additional services by offering to help with online organization of photos; removing thousands of photos from phones and using a professional scanner to digitize printed pictures to make digital images of treasured photos.  As my services increased the reality of my business came to light and voila – here I am. This has been such a fun adventure and I'm looking forward working with you!